Allison Brock

Wide Cut Country:  
Saturday, 10am – 12pm MT
Thursday, 12am – 2am MT (rebroadcast)


CKUA’s popular country music program, as its name implies, cuts a wide swath through the genre of country, from traditional, alt country, bluegrass and roots music. First and foremost a seasoned radio broadcaster, Allison knows – and loves – REAL country music.

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Andy Donnelly

The Celtic Show: Friday, 6pm – 8pm MT 

With his soft brogue and wicked sense of humour, Andy entertains and enlightens his audience with the marvelous diversity of musical styles that reflect the influence of the Celtic tradition.

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Baba Singh

Weekday, 9am – 12pm MT

Baba keeps the groove going. Bringing his usual warm and wonderful sense of life to good advantage, Baba carries you through your mid-mornings.

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Bob Chelmick

The Road Home:  
Sunday, 8pm-10pm MT
Monday to Friday, 5am-6am MT(Rebroadcast)


The Road Home offers a quiet cabin in the woods for listeners to enjoy; a place of refuge and discovery, rife with images that move the mind and the heart through readings, songs and personal ruminations on the country life. Host Bob Chelmick offers poetry, song and reflections on his world of dogs, horses, birds and other subjects for a gentle adventure on the road we all share.

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Cam Hayden

Friday Night Blues Party: Friday, 9pm – 12am MT 

The Friday Night Blues Party is a wild ride through the musical landscape of the blues, covering the new and the not-so-new, as well as the local live blues music scene in Alberta. This is music that fills the hole in your soul… makes you want to dance, jump or shout… and moves you in some way.

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Dianne Donovan

Voices in Jazz: Sunday, 3pm – 4pm MT 

A respected jazz singer in her own right, Dianne Donovan presents the voices and genres of this fascinating and wide ranging music and its 80-year history. From classic jazz singers like Sinatra and Fitzgerald to choral jazz music like that from the Swingle Singers, Voices in Jazz savours the various slices of the musical pie.

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Darcy Whiteside

The Bluegrass Hour: Sunday, 12pm – 1pm MT 

The CKUA Bluegrass Hour celebrates the innovators and the traditionalists. From the classic to contemporary, progressive acoustic bluegrass and everything in between – host Darcy Whiteside explores the entire genre of bluegrass, with a little old-tyme music thrown in as well.

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David Myles

Saturday, 5am – 6am MT

David Myles is going to start your Saturday morning with a gorgeous selection of tunes and stories drawn from his life in music, with a show produced from his home in Halifax.

Derina Harvey

Waves: Friday, 8pm – 9pm MT 

Waves looks to the East Coast and beyond, exploring both traditional music and reeling in performers either emerging or iconic from around the world along the way.

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Grant Stovel

Alberta Morning: Weekdays, 6am – 9am MT 

Morning is a unique time of day. For some it’s when they feel the brightest, most well rested and down right perky, for others it’s more a case of slowly wiping away the haze of sleep as you ease on into your day. Whatever your unique disposition, Alberta Morning may just be the perfect elixir to get your weekday off to a great start!

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Hayley Muir

Weekdays, 4pm – 6pm MT 

With her signature song selection, Hayley brings fresh sound to CKUA’s storied history. Tune in for her impeccable selection of funk, r ‘n’ b, rock, twang and roots flavours.

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Holger Petersen

Natch’l Blues:Saturday, 3pm – 5pm MT

Canada’s longest-running blues program has been on the air since 1969. Natch’l Blues is the quintessential destination for the serious blues fan or the curious newcomer.

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John Worthington

Old-disc Jockey:  
Sunday, 2pm-3pm MT
Saturday, 3am-4am MT (Rebroadcast)


The Old-disc Jockey celebrates the swing bands recorded between the late 1920s and the 1950s, presented by the enthusiastic, encyclopedic and entertaining John Worthington

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Keri Rak

Saturday Morning: Saturdays, 8am – 10am MT 

Put the coffee on and make room on your kitchen dance floor as Keri Rak sets up your Saturday morning with an eclectic music mix that ranges from Ella Fitzgerald and Chet Baker all the way through to The Shins and Neko Case.

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Kodi Hutchinson

A Time For Jazz: Thursday, 6pm – 8pm MT 

Whether you are a seasoned veteran of the most progressive kinds of jazz, or a tentative explorer of this complex genre, A Time for Jazz has something for you. Join Kodi Hutchinson as he reviews the best of new and old, adding his experience both as a musician and as an aficionado to the mix.

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Lark Clark

World Spinning: Sunday, 4pm – 6pm MT 

Lark Clark’s World Spinning explores how music reflects culture and shapes hearts. Lark’s passion is to discover connections and to hear music that’s completely new to the ears. We catch the latest incarnations as worlds collide: Somalia meets hip hop in Canada, flamenco meets jazz in Majorca.

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Leeroy Stagger

Dirty Windshields Radio Hour: Saturdays, 12pm – 1pm MT 

The Lethbridge-based rock troubadour shares some of his favourite tracks and stories from a fascinating career. His deep musical knowledge, insightful commentary and expertly curated mix make Dirty Windshields a can’t-miss musical road trip.

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Leo Cripps

Journeys: Saturday, 1pm – 3pm MT 

Brighten up your Saturday morning with an eclectic and diverse mix of music from across the world. Leo spins exciting tracks from all over, with a healthy dose of reggae, dancehall and soca.

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Lionel Rault

Weekdays, 2pm – 4pm MT

Lionel brings his signature sound to the middle of the afternoon, with an up-tempo and musically diverse mix of rock, folk, pop, indie, jazz and world beat.

Lionel’s Vinyls:  
Saturday, 7pm-9pm MT
Friday, 12am-2am MT Fridays (rebroadcast)


Lionel Rault is your guide to a magical musical mystery tour of tunes from the ‘40s through ‘70s and beyond.

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Lisa Wilton

The Takeaway:  
Saturday, 9pm – 12am MT
Saturday, 12am – 3am MT
(Rebroadcast from previous week)


Three hours of eclectic music… the newest tracks in CKUA’s library, old favourites, and under-appreciated gems. The menu includes: British new wave, vintage ska, rockabilly and Northern Soul, alt-country, folk-pop, ’60s psychedelia, garage rock and indie.

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Mark Antonelli

Classic Examples:  
Weeknights, 8pm – 10pm MT
Saturday, 4am – 6am MT (Rebroadcast)


Classic Examples is an early-evening journey across the broad landscape of Western concert music that covers medieval, Renaissance and baroque music.

Bel Musica: Sunday, 6pm – 8pm MT 

Bel Musica features excerpts and shorter works that range from medieval and Renaissance music to modern opera, with a balance of solo and choral music.

Sunday Breakfast: Sunday, 6am – 9am MT 

Start your weekend off with the very best from the world of classical music, both old favourites and new releases.

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Matt Masters

Weekdays, 12pm – 2pm MT

Join Matt Masters every afternoon for an adventurous mix of music and the fascinating stories around the tracks he plays.

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Monica Miller

Monday – Thursday, 6pm – 8pm MT

How I Hear It features an eclectic mix of genres, styles and voices that aims for a satisfying balance between material with which listeners are already comfortable, and offerings that provide the opportunity to spread out and explore.

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Orest Soltykevych

Saturday Breakfast: Saturday, 6am – 9am MT 

Saturday Breakfast features selections from the magnificent centuries-old tradition of classical music. The repertoire includes music from a variety of genres, including solo, chamber, vocal, choral and orchestral, with a focus on new releases.

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Roy Forbes

Roy’s Record Room:  
Sunday, 1pm – 2pm MT
Sunday, 1am – 2am MT (Rebroadcast)


Spend an hour with Roy on Monday nights as he plays an eclectic mix of tunes from his extensive collection of vinyl and shellac (note: Roy loves 78s), sharing facts about the artist, the music and the actual discs. And he does it from his “record room” at home. We hope you like it.

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Terry David Mulligan

Mulligan Stew  
Saturday, 5pm – 7pm MT
Tuesday, 12am – 2am MT (Rebroadcast)


Join TDM for two hours of blockbuster ‘hot tracks’; both the best of the new material and the classics that have stood the test of time.

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Tom Coxworth

Folk Routes:  
Sunday, 10am – 12pm MT
Wednesday, 12am – 2am MT (Rebroadcast)


Folk Routes is a friendly, two-hour pleasure cruise through the full spectrum of folk and folk-oriented music. Each week, Tom Coxworth traces the development of folk music from its European traditions to the blended influences of modern North American folk stylings.

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Tony Dillon Davis

Play It Again: Sunday, 9am – 10am MT (Rebroadcast)

Hosted by Tony Dillon-Davis with charm and humour, Play It Again is a weekly one-hour program of popular music from the 1920s through the 1950s. Each week Tony presents a ‘feature year’, incorporating information on world events of the time.

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Tony King

Weeknights, 10pm – 12am MT
Sunday, 10pm – 12am MT
Sunday, 2am – 4am MT


A place where music provides solace at the end of the day, through gentle grooves anchored in the genres of jazz, downtempo and the indescribable.

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