Amy van Keeken is a musician/singer/songwriter who got her start in radio at campus-based community radio station CJSR in Edmonton (where she still volunteers).  She co-hosted award-winning weekly show Twang n Thangs for many years and has loved radio since she was able to tune in on her dad’s 70s stereo receiver.

In her 20s, as she travelled down the west coast of the states she would spend hours in her hostel bed at night tuning in on her am/fm off-brand walkman to all the incredible variety of stations in California and into Mexico.  She used to tape parts of CKUA/Athabasca University program “From Ragtime-to Rolling Stones” and “Late Night With Ross Porter” on CBC, learning so much along the way.  So, you could say she is a radio nerd.  She loves the connection that voices in the ether of radio waves bring to listeners.  And how at CKUA, it works the other way, too.  Listeners are an integral part of the radio exchange and experience.  It’s educational, enjoyable and magical!  Amy loves making radio and exploring how songs are connected through and beyond genre, decade, feeling and style.  In fact, it’s all about the song!