Dianne’s group Beat Divas gets a mention in The New York Times!

Dianne Donovan remembers being moved by music at a very early age. In fact, one of her earliest recollections is of marching around the living room to Ravel’s Bolero. Ever since, her life has literally and figuratively revolved around music.

As the youngest in a large family, she was exposed to many types of music, thanks to parents and siblings with varied tastes. Whether it was Dad’s big band records, Mom’s classical, Motown, Pop or Rock, she grooved to it.

The Montreal-born Donovan, has spent more than half her life in Western Canada, where she attended her first jazz festival (Jazz City, “….hearing Chet Baker ‘live’, changed my life”) and where she studied music, specializing in vocal performance, at Grant MacEwan Community College. She first hit the airwaves, at CJSR on the University of Alberta campus, in 1983. Her show, For the Love Of Jazz, spanned over seventeen years, and afforded her the opportunity to expand her own tastes, and to interview many of her idols, singers and instrumentalists alike.

Dianne has been thrilled to be part of the CKUA family for the past couple of years. Her programVoices in Jazz reflects her love of the genre. A jazz singer herself, Dianne imparts her knowledge and enthusiasm of the craft. “I try to cover all types of jazz singing on the show: traditional, swing, scat, blues-oriented, vocalese, avant garde”. Billie, Sarah, Jon, Kurt, Mose, Carmen, Chet, Ella and more!

A move to Austin, Texas in the spring of 2001 has exposed Dianne to new sights and sounds. She’s delighted to be able to continue the “Voices…” journey from her new home. She keeps busy in Austin, where she can be heard on two stations, KMFA (all classical) and KUT- eclectic.

Dianne Donovan, a very important Voice in Jazz on CKUA.