In addition to my work at CKUA, I’ve been performing as a singer-songwriter in the folk-roots genre since 1969. I am the first active performer to be inducted into The Edmonton Blues Hall of Fame.

I have a wide range of concert, nightclub, television, radio and festival appearances to my credit. I’ve shared stages with John Hiatt, Willie Dixon, John Hammond, Ruthie Foster, Jesse Winchester, Taj Mahal, Eric Bibb, David Francey, J.J. Cale, John Lee Hooker, Bo Diddley, the Staple Singers and many other artists.

My five albums are the independent releases, Killin’ Time (1980), Been So Long (1989), No Tell Hotel (1992), Lionel Rault (2004) and The Further Adventures of… (2007).

These days, when I’m not working on my own music, I play mainly in the folk-roots-blues genres with my brother, Ron, in our band, The Rault Brothers.

Over my two decades at CKUA, I’ve hosted The R&B Revue and Lionel’s Vinyls as well as Nine to Noon and now The Afternoon Edition. CKUA is such a natural for a visionary place like Alberta, drawn from and contributing to the strong pioneering tradition in the province, Also, CKUA makes it possible, for example, for artists in Medicine Hat to be heard in Fort Vermilion, and around the world. It’s the great cultural thread that runs through this great, lone land where the distances are so vast.

I love life in Alberta. It’s where I have chosen to live, to bring up my children, who are also musical, and to share my musical experiences with CKUA Radio listeners every weekday on Somethin’ Else.

You can hear some music from my studio:
Somebody Help Me Please