If I haven’t set the record for having the longest list of job titles at CKUA, I’ve got to be darn near the top of the list. The first? In 1977, part-time record librarian, a life-altering experience that exposed me to music, music, and more music. Most recent? Producing and hosting How I Hear It since 2000.

I often jokingly say that my job now involves sitting in a darkened room, playing music, and talking to a sponge. But in truth, each day is challenging, educating, enlightening, and rewarding.

Our listeners are the best. Period. They’re connected to us through the music, and they’re happy to hear something new. When musicians come to visit, we know who they are, we understand what they do, and they truly appreciate how special CKUA is. CKUA’s library is a genuine treasure, an amazing gift. I’m hooked on the joyous eclecticism of the music. I don’t know what I’d do without it. And my co-workers generously allow me to learn from them, keep me on my toes, and occasionally keep me in line.

Outside of work, well, I like to listen to music, read, go to movies and concert and plays, putter in the garden (when the season is right), eat good food, and visit with good people. It’s a fine, fine life.