"popular music from the 1920's to 1950's"

Host: Tony Dillon Davis
9am-10am MT Sundays (rebroadcast)

Hosted by Tony Dillon-Davis with charm and humour, Play It Again is a weekly one-hour program of popular music from the 1920s through the 1950s. Each week Tony presents a ‘feature year’, incorporating information on world events of the time.


Tony Dillon-Davis

    Tony Dillon Davis

    Tony Dillon Davis was born in England in 1945. He came to Canada when he was four, aboard a big, old ship. “It was kind of like the Titanic only crappier.”

    In the 60’s and 70’s, Tony hosted a groundbreaking, underground rock show that played some of the newest and strangest music available at the time. “I am still being credited with providing some very trippy experiences.” Since those days, Tony has produced many different kinds of music and interview programs. “I have interviewed everyone from Wiccans to Sufis, Buddhist monks to Scientologists, Leonard Cohen to Ian Tyson.” Presently, Tony is the host of Play It Again.

    Outside work, Tony is a very well rounded sort of guy. He loves archery and loves to read. Zorba the GreekThe Bhagavad GitaThe Volsung Saga and anything by Canadian fantasist Charles de Lint are favorite re-reads. He also likes music, but insists he doesn’t love any one child over another. “Most kinds of music have something to offer.” Tony also loves to play musical instruments like the guitar, the jaw harp and the tin whistle. Acting also comes up in conversation. In fact, had he not become a radio personality, Tony most likely would have stayed acting full-time.

    Although Tony has been with the station for many years, he doesn’t spend unnecessary time reliving the good ol’ days. Each show, his listeners hear a man who lives very comfortably in the present. “I love history, but I don’t waste time on my past, either regretting it or basking in the glory. The present contains what is good about the past and is quite rich enough.”