"solar powered radio, from a cabin in the woods"

Host: Bob Chelmick
8pm-10pm MT Sundays
5am-6am MT Mondays through Fridays (rebroadcast)

The Road Home is now online at roadhome.fm

The way I see it, radio offers the best pictures–vivid, colourful, powerful–because the mind and heart of the listener are engaged in the creative process. Images evoked are usually more powerful than images seen.

We talk of CKUA being “hand-made radio.” Never more true than on The Road Home, literally a cottage industry. A poem is storytelling at its most refined and distilled. It belongs on radio. To be able to combine these passions for poetry, storytelling, music and extraordinary radio is a very great joy. To be part of the world’s finest radio service and be blessed with the enthusiasm of fellow travellers near and far is an enormous privilege.

Close your eyes and let’s see where The Road leads.

The Road Home offers a quiet cabin in the woods for listeners to enjoy; a place of refuge and discovery, rife with images that move the mind and the heart through readings, songs and personal ruminations on the country life. Host Bob Chelmick offers poetry, song and reflections on his world of dogs, horses, birds and other subjects for a gentle adventure on the road we all share.

The Road Home is inspired from moment to moment and from season to season by the world outside Bob’s cabin windows. For Bob, perhaps the best thing about living in the quiet woods, and depending on the forest for heat, the sun for power, and the aquifers for water, is the close connectedness with the natural world. Balance is easier to come by in a natural setting, away from the city.

What goes on around Bob, as mundane as it might seem sometimes, provides all sorts of odd, humourous, even provocative points to talk about. Inside the cabin, books of verse are rich sources of inspiration, elevation, and excitation.

Theme Music:
‘The Road Home Theme’ (commissioned) by Solon McDade, performed by The McDades


Bob Chelmick

I got my start at CKUA in 1969 and came back in 2001 after 28 years away from home. My journey has encompassed a lot of storytelling, as host and producer for CBC and CTV, visual artist, filmmaker, speaker and teacher (Transcendental Meditation).